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The White Buffalo Hour is about new paradigms in history, medicine and relgion.  This this program hopes to challenge the Paradigm of my listeners as we seek to unravel the truth, in a society that is filled with lies.  When I take off my rose colored glasses and look at the White House, I see a vision of a President in much the same dilema that faced Nixon, Carter, and George Bush Light.  Even if you decide you want to address the real problem in Washington, you know that everyone who has attempted the same in your position in life has gone done in flames.

 This is the way that the military designed the system for controling the Oval Office after the assasination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who stated on Patriots Day in Boston in the fateful year of his death, the United States of America, was in a state of clear and present danger and opposed by a ruthless conspricy around the world.   We all know JFK fate, and our country has suffered the consequences from that fateful day in Dallas ever since.

 When God told King Jehoshaphat 2 Chronicles: Chapter 22,  to get his Kingdom in order, the King knew that the role of judges in an orderly society was the key to success.  There will be no Peace with out Justice.

 In the face of the world, when everyone around King Jehoshaphat was advising him to make war, he ordered the Levites to lead the charge into battle.  The most famous modern day Levite, Bob Marley was the most important Christain prophet from the 20th century.    

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New Paradigms in 

history, medicine & religion

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