International Drug Trade


No other political movement has profited more from the sale of illegal drugs since the end of World War II, than the Cebtral Intelligence Agency.  I describe this as a political movement because history makes it clear that the sale of narcotics has been a major fundraising practice for the 1% since the Opium Wars began in China more than 175 years ago.  The CIA’s role in the narcotics trade began with their kiss and don’t tell policy that was established with Organized Crime during the 2cd World War.  This relationship has created more havoc and chaos in our inner cities over the last 7 decades than any external enemy that was considered a threat to our Natioanl Security.  

The recovery of the profits from this illegal activity will not only stablize the budget but also replace the missing Social Security Trust Funds that were stolen from the American People when LBJ authorized the spending of Social Security funds for the escalation of the war in Vietnam.  Our duty as concerned citizens is to recover these ill gotten gains and to restore faith in our Republic.

Questionable Document Causes Stir   

Bill Casey Drug Letter Ordered Sealed By U.S. Judge byMichael C. Ruppert

For months now we have been telling you about a letter, purportedly written by Ronald Reagan's CIA Director, William Casey, that admits direct CIA involvement in the drug trade during the Contra War years. The letter appeared anonymously, via the U.S. Mail in the hands of Dee Ferdinand, daughter of deceased CIA operative Albert Carone who has been trying to recapture personal funds, pensions and benefits due her and her family after her father's 1990 murder. Not sure what to do with the letter she contacted retired CIA executive Ted Shackley and read him the contents. That was last spring. Shackley (according to Ferdinand, as reported in June) after hearing the letter told Ferdinand to "call the CIA and the FBI and tell them that you have this letter. Ask them to come pick it up because you are not supposed to have it.”


Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Mr. Chairman:

On November 15, 1996, I stood at a town hall meeting at Locke High School in Los Angeles and said to Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch, "I am a former Los Angeles Police narcotics detective. I worked South Central Los Angeles and I can tell you, Director Deutch, emphatically and without equivocation, that the Agency has dealt drugs in this country for a long time." I then referred Director Deutch to three specific Agency operations known as Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower.

Most Americans have been lead to believe that the purpose of these hearings is to ascertain whether or not there is any evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency dealt drugs during the Iran-Contra era. If these hearings were about evidence, then the most patriotic duty I could perform would be to quote Jack Blum who served as chief investigator for the Kerry Subcommittee on narcotics and terrorism ten years ago. He testified before this committee last year and said, "We don't have to investigate. We already know." We could save a lot of taxpayer money by just rereading the records of the Kerry hearings. There is more evidence in there than any court in the world would ever need to hand down indictments.

April 27, 1998

For several years, I fought in the trenches of the front lines of Reagan's "Drug War", trying to stamp out what I considered American's greatest foreign threat. But, when I was posted, in Central and South America from 1984 through 1990, I knew we were playing the "Drug War Follies." While our government shouted "Just Say No !", entire Central and South American nations fell into what are now known as, "Cocaine democracies."

While with the DEA, I was able to keep journals of my assignments in Central and South America. These journals include names, case file numbers and DEA NADDIS (DEA Master Computer) information to back up my allegations. I have pictures and original passports of the victims that were murdered by CIA assets. These atrocities were done with the approval of the agencies.

We, ordinary Americans, can not trust the C.I.A. Inspector General to conduct a full investigation into the CIA or the DEA. Let me tell you why. When President Clinton (June, 1996) ordered The Intelligence Oversight Board to conduct an investigation into allegations that US Agents were involved in atrocities in Guatemala, it failed to investigate several DEA and CIA operations in which U.S. agents knew before hand that individuals (some Americans) were going to be murdered.

The Hillary Myth and the Good Reverend Wright ?   

By John S. Phillips      5/3/2008

 For this is a year of choice- a year when we choose not simply who will lead us, but where we wish to be led; the country we want for ourselves, and the kind we want for our children.  If this year of choice we fashion new polices out of old illusions, we ensure ourselves nothing but crisis for the future, and we bequeath to our children the bitter harvest of those crisis.

Robert F. Kennedy     March 18, 1968

 It is 3AM in the morning and the phone rings at the White House who should the American public entrust to answer the phone.  A man whose ties to the Reverend Wright make his views radical and out of touch with reality or a talented Senator from New York who already has 8 years experience in the White House.  Listening to the media coverage since the evolution of the Wright issues, the public is led to believe, this is a simple question of Right from Wrong?  But the sudden rise of Reverend Wright as a decisive political issue deserves more investigation especially considering that his recent speaking engagement at the National Press Club was arranged and sponsored by an ardent Hillary supporter.

 The media has focused its criticism of Reverend Wright on two main ideas he presented:  1) The 9/11 tragedy was caused in part by past US government policies, 2) the AIDS virus came from US government labs and is part of a larger conspiracy to keep Black America in chains. Reverend Wright is neither the first nor the last US citizens to come to these conclusions.  The corporate media has once again failed the public by ignoring the historical basis of these comments, preferring to paint Reverend Wright and therefore Senator Obama as anti-American and a believer in the radical conspiracy theories of the far left, the Anti-War movement, and what Wayne Madsen has aptly termed the Internet irregulars.

60 Years of Drug Trafficking at the Venice Municipal Airport

Posted on March 8, 2010 by Daniel Hopsicker

A new multi-part series highlighting current events in Venice Florida

An investigation into suspicious circumstances  surrounding the sale of the former Huffman Aviation has unearthed an explosive secret at the heart of an otherwise unremarkable aviation facility.  Almost since its inception, the specter of heroin trafficking has hung over the airfield which would later become the Venice Municipal Airport.

During World War II, when it was known as the Venice Army Air Field, it was home to the Stateside operations of a man widely and credibly accused of using proceeds from international heroin trafficking to prop up the war machine of a corrupt Chinese warlord whose army, even after its defeat, hung on to a lion's share of Southeast Asian real estate which became known as the Golden Triangle.


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