Military Reduction Act

A 5 part Legislative Program to Balance the Federal Budget 

without touching the Social Safety Net.  

“Man can not simultaneously prepare for both war and peace.”

Albert Einstein      Time Magazine Man of the Century

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld (see CBS Reports on Utube) announced at the Pentagon that over $1.5 trillions is accounted for in previous budgets.  Less than 24 hours later a terrorist attack occurred on the Pentagon that caused the deaths of many of the key auditors who were trying to track this money.  There are now estimates that as much $2.5 trillion is unaccounted for.  

This is not only a severe breach of duty but a disgrace to the nation.  You just can not loose that large a sum of money without a mechanism for hiding and laundering funds.  The Audit must be completed and the money accounted for in full.  The American Public need a full explanation of how such large sum of money could possibly go missing.There is no reason that a nation with the type of wealth our nation has accumulated to have an unbalanced budget.  

We need a 10-20-30 year plan to balance the budget, eliminate the Federal Debt.  This is going to be no easy task.  This task can not be accomplished without a significant reduction in our military budget.The United States Military budget stands at over $638 Billion per fiscal year, and climbing with active base in 86 countries the US spends more on the military than the next 10 countries combined.  Out national debt is the result of uncontrolled military expenditures.  Take away the unnecessary military expenditures since the end of WWII, and the Federal Budget would be balanced.  There would be no national debt.  

We must not put our heads in the sand and realize that this Military Madness has cost our nation over $24 Trillion if you include the money looted from the Social Security Trust Fund starting when LBJ used public funds to escalate the War in Vietnam.The intellectual justification for these policies evolved over the entire 20th century.  In the late 19th Century, William James warned that the adoption of Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” as a foundation for international, social and economic policy “pulled triggers in certain types of minds”.  James warned Americans that if they adopted such a policy which the British had done in their imperialists venture, we would be destiny for a century of warfare.  

James was right!Albert Einstein:  Time Magazines “Man of the Century” said it best “Man can not simultaneously prepare for both war and peace.”  When a nation dedicates greater and greater resources to military expenditure, gun fire and the innocent murder of civilians is sure to follow.  Perhaps the most troubling aspect of our current crisis is that the military does not realize that a nation without a solid economic foundation is doomed to failure.  Without a better long term economic plan, the US is slowly marching its troops off a cliff.  Will military leaders realize this before it is too late?  

The Solution:  The Military Reduction Act

The next budget shall reduce Defense spending by 20%.  For each of the following 9 years, the Defense budget shall be reduced by an additional 10%.  This type of approach can not be reached without a substantial international agreement to reduce the sale of weapons.  A new paradigm must be developed to give the necessary tools to 3rd world countries that allows them to harvest their natural resources without a corresponding increase in military expenditures.Total budgetary savings over 10 years:       $3.5 Trillion $3,500,000,000,000This is a savings of $6.66 million per minute for the next ten years. In the meantime the military budget must be substantially reduced to if we are ever going to meet our debt obligations, and simultaneously provide for the needs of our children.

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