End the War on Drugs

The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the Prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this. 

Albert Einstein      Time Magazine Man of the Century

Nixon’s Declaration of a “War on Drugs”, the prison population has swelled from  200,000 individuals behind bars to over 2,400,000. Many of those prisoner sit in prison run by the Prison Industrial Complex most of whom are high rollers in the Republican Party.   The most important issue regarding drug laws is a admission that CIA and other government elements have been involved in the drug trade since the end of WWII if not before. 

This is one of the largest scandals in US History.  The flooding of poor black neighbourhoods with drugs was part of the same program at the FBI that feared Martin Luther King as a “Black Messiah”.  This program was designed to dis-enfranchise black voters which was a key for the Republicans taking control of Southern States in Congress, and creating chaos in the black community.  For non-believers if there dare be any at this point in history, I refer you to set of articles:  Drug Traffic  

It has been estimated that the United States would save almost $250 Billion per year if they considered other alternatives to criminalization.  The first step in stopping the drug war is a concerted effort to stop the gang violence that plaques some of America more difficult neighbourhoods.  This has been an unaddressed emergency since the Cocaine Epidemic orchestrated by George Walker Bush while he was Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

Like everything else in government the question of how to fund such a program is of primary importance of we sit on the edge of the financial abyss.  We should first lower taxes on liquor, cigarettes, (gambling)  and instead pass legislation which requires the distributors of such products to pay for the medical costs associated with the use of these products.  I call this pay to play.  

The current economic cost of addiction realted illness to the US economy is $558 Billion per year.  This legislation would move the majority of the costs associated with addiction to the distributors, “Strict Liability”, and there by save Local, State and Federal governments Billions of dollars per year. The next step in ending the war on drugs is  to create a system that might reduce our depend on street drugs, and send people for medical treatment instead of housing them in jails for over $32,000 per individual per year.  The four main substances which need to be immediately addressed are  meth-amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

Meth-amphetimeMeth is clearly a very dangerous substance with the potential for permanent neurological damage.  Controling it availability has proved a difficult task.  A programs needs to be inacted that looks for closely at who is selling the chemical ingredients for manufacture of the substance.  If we stop the process before it starts, it is cheaper and easier than arresting people while they manufacture.

Heroin:People on the street have always known that a Republican administration is good for at least one thing:  Lowering the price of heroin and cocaine.  In Boston neighbourhoods now, heroin is cheaper than marijuana a trend that began in the early 80’s put accelerated with the War in Afghanistan.  With the emergence of the AIDS virus heroin addiction can become a life long illness that can add as much as $1,000,000 per addict to the Medicare and Medicaid budgets.  One of the main things that fuels tension between inner city gangs is control of drug trafficing.  Drugs frequently provide the capital for weapons, and dealing in large sums of cash eventually require protection.  Herion dealers trive on the daily users.  When I ran a housing project for HIV postive drug addicts many of the addicts in the program admitted to spending $200/day or on average $500,000 dollars over the life of their addictions. 

Heroin and morphine addiction in there purest form are not a great risk to the physical health of the body.  In fact the most famous surgeon of the early 20th century  Hopkins the founder of John Hopkins Medical school and a world renowned surgeon of his day, admitted in his memoirs that his entire surgical career he would use morphine first thing in the morning before surgery because he thought is calmed his nerves.  Increasingly, enough he never used on the weekends only the 5 days that he worked during the week.In 1961 at the first ever White House Conference on drugs,  one of the major recommendation fo the task force was that heroin be allowed to be prescribed by Doctors.  By reinstating a right that all Doctors originally had we would go a long way in reducing the amount of heroin coming into the country.  

It is also important to note that a legal trade in opium will bring growers into the economic structure by offering a higher price then what is available in the current s market.  Reduced Heroin flow will lead in the future to a significant decrease in gang violence.  By acting in cooperation with growers in countries like Afghanistan, we can reduce the amount of opium circulating in the world and we can cooperate with growers and recommend alternative crops.  Most addicts create a circle of  r users around them so that they can distribute a small amount of a drug to pay for their own habit.  This creates an additive pipeline for new addicts.  

This program would break this cycle.National Institute of Justice:   The goal of legalizing drugs is to bring them under effective legal control. If it were legal to produce and distribute drugs, legitimate businessmen would enter the business. There would be less need for violence and corruption since the industry would have access to the courts. And, instead of absorbing tax dollars as targets of expensive enforcement efforts, the drug sellers might begin to pay taxes. 

So, legalization might well solve the organized crime aspects of the drug trafficking problem. On average, drug use under legalization might not be as destructive to users and to society as under the current prohibition, because drugs would be less expensive, purer, and more conveniently available.

Cocaine:Both Cocaine and crack are highly addictive in their purest forms as evidenced by the wave of violence that hit our inner cities during the 1980’s and 90’s as the markets for cocaine sky rocketed across the US. and early 80’s.  the illegal market in cocaine distribution amount to over per year.  Prohibition has not worked, and legalization of cocaine or crack would lead to increased problems with addiction in our society.

Cocaine is a pharmaceutical preparation of the coca leaves.  While it is widely accepted that cocaine is highly addictive due to its potency, the leave of the coca plant in its natural form as been used a mild mood lifting stimulant for thousands of years in South America with no noticeable social cost to society.  By allowing products that are made out of the leaf and distribution of the raw leave, we can take control of the coca leave market.  

Prices would be set in proportion to the cost of society, the new market would drive the price of cocaine from $60/ gram to $600/gram significantly reducing the availability of cocaine and crack.In its leave form coca leaves are only mildly more stimulating to the nervous sytem than a Grande Latte coffee at Starbucks.  

There is a small native tribe in South America that believes that received 3 gifts from God.  The first was there transport to there native land on flying canoes,  the second was tapioca, and the last was the coca leaf.  To this day when you enter the home of a person of this tribe a small bowl of coca leaves sit at the entrance.  Visitors are asked to give respect to God and eat the leaves before entering athe person’s home.  

Interestingly enough, there is no history of addiction to coca leaves within this tribe.In summary. This strategy increases the price of the most addictive forms of the drug there by reducing the availability of the drug for trafficing purposes.  This is another step in cutting off the money that is generated in the inner cities by gangs:  less money, fewer guns, and less violence.    

Marijuana:  There have been more scientific with marijuana than any other drug in the history of mankind.  At last check a Medline search of marijuana inculded over 6000 different studying.  Republicans have routinely attacked the ideas that marijuana has any therapurtic value alhtough  37 states now allow for the medical distribution of marijuana.

Any realistic discussion of this issue must also address the religious aspects of this issue. As one religious group the Rastafarian  belives that marijuana is a sacrement, and according to Revalations that the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.  In the Untied States drugs that have medical value are treated entirely differently than substances like meth amphetamine that have no known medical use.  

The debate over medical marijuana really ended in the scinectic community in          when at the discovered that there are specific receptors in the brain for the active ingridient in marijuana.  The discovery alone establish the fact that indeeed marijuana has medical uses.  

For those who are still in doubt I refer you to   Marijuana:  Medicine or Dangerous Drug.  If marijuana has medical application, United States citizens have the right to cultivate there own medicine.  If I told you that we were going to introduce a nation wide program to teach all school children the evils of Judasism and that Jewish bankers where in an allinace to take control of the financail sytem of the world and that the holocoust was a myth, everyone would be up in arms.  

But in fact children who go through the DARE education program are taught that indivudiaul who use marijuana are dangerous.  Few people realize that the DARE Education program was a pychological warfare operation from the start.  The goal of this program was to teach children that to presecute people and scapgoat them is OK.  The group that was isolated by this program becam known as the “Trench Coat Mafia”  and where responsible for an epidemic of school shooting acoross our nation.  This was not an accident but a plan.  In reality the DARE Education program was a quaisi religion taught by law enforcement.  

The program has been a failure because it is based on religion instead of science.  For more details see  Paradigm Lost:  Why Drug Education In America failed.  The money from the budget of the DARE Program should be transferred to the Department of Education and be used for a comprehensive health education program to address our obestiy and health epidmeic among young people of which drug education is one section.

The first amendment of the Constitution for those who forget inculdes Freedom of religion.  Distinguishing between drugs, medicines and sacrament requires answering important questions related to science and religion.  Our founding fathers knew the potenial dangers of limiting ones freedom of religion as they had witnessed the killing and presecution of thousand during the Reformation of the 1500 and 1600’s.  

Freedon of religion is a fundamental priniciple upon which our Republic was born.  A resent discovery at Boston University illuminates this subject well.  Reseachers have confirmed that the annointing oil used by Jesus contained marijuana.  During the late 1800;s there was a large academic debate about what was called the two wine theory.  It is well established that at the time Jesus taught that grapes were not grown in the Middle East so the question turned to what was the sacramental wine made of?  Cannabis has been and still is a leading canidate.  

While this debate will rage on in the struggle between scientis and relioug leader for many years I am sure,  the Constituion is exteremely clear on this subject:  Citizens of the United Staes of America have the right to religious freedom.  There is no more debate.The Legalization of marijuana possibly in the same form that Holland has used with small cafes, and a re introduction of marijuana into the pharmacopeia will have many beneficail effects.  

In Holland where citizens can visit small coffee shops to indulge in the marijuan expereince, the number of high school students who have tried marijuan is 50% less than in the US.  Over time addiction to both cocaine and heroin have also been reduced.First like the proposal for heoin and cocaine it will reduce the the cash flow of inner city gangas significantly.  

Marijuana will undoubtly significantly reduce the cost of the Medicare drug program and paharmcueitical drugs in general.  In essnece the introduction of marijuana as medicine is the beginning of serious competition for the pharmacuetical industry.  

Small farmers of natural remedy will be put effective price control of the cost of pharmacuetical drugs in the long run.  The details of how this will work are in the medical reform section.Secondly, the indrodution of marijuana as medicine allow a market to be created for retired opium growers especially in areas like Aghanistan.  

There is a need in this country to reinvigorate the small farmer that was once the soul of our nation.  Medical marijuana would provide a needed boost for this transformation to sustainable agriculture especially when you realize the diversity of crops that Hemp provides for the small farmer.

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