American Free Speech Act

The White Buffalo Hour is about Paradigm change, and teaching common every day citizens about how the“American Dream” turned into a big yellow taxi headed into the financial abyss.  I have suggested on many of previous broadcasts that since Education or Lack of Education is the key to whether a society fails or succeeds, then we can only conclude that their has been something terribly wrong with the edudational system in the United States for a long time.

 According to some reports each man, women and child owe a staggering $212,000 each in Federal debt obligations, if you include all the financial obligations of the American People.  There is little doubt that when future generation look back at the history of the “Information Revolution”, the greatest anomaly they will observe and question: Is how did a nation that led the world into the information age, the age of the global village and instantaneous global communications, suddenly find itself in a sea of confusing economic and social chaos as the suffering of the common citizen has reached a sad state of affairs.

 I have suggested that the Corporate Media has been responsible for molding and manufacturing the message that led us into the Financial Abyss, and therefore that the destruction of the American Dream can ultimately be tied to the unhealthy marriage that developed between the Corporate Media and the Corporate State.  An education model that was Time Magazines and Benito Mussolini’s wet dream.

 There is universal agreement among scholars that the system that is currently used to distribute news, information and education to the American public is sadly broken.  Since the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the corporate media has largely hidden under its veil of “plausible deniability” as both military and intelligence leaders felt that it was the duty of the Military Industrial Complex to control “The Message”.

 When our Ancestors arrived in “New England” almost 400 years ago, many fled a system that they felt sought to control and enslave the common man instead of allowing him his “Free Will” to seek and build God’s Kingdom.  There was little agreement among religious leaders at the time about the true essence of Christianity, but after many generations, everyone agreed that the basis of “New England” would be to create a society where every man had the opportunity for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

 There was also universal agreement that the foundation for creating such a society was to be build on the idea that all men had the freedom to practice whatever religion they choose, to speak, write and voice their opinion about any issue that they believed was important to the survival of the Republic, and finally that citizens could peacefully gather to communicate that message to their fellow man.

 As the information age began to evolve, business executives and military leaders were the first to understand that controlling information, was the best means for the 1% to keep the SHEEP or the 99% feeding their addiction.  Now you can say what you want about Karl Marx but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  In his epic book “Das Capital”, Marx was the first scholar to quantify the long-term effect that addiction to money by the elite would have on humanity.  While Marx’s work has been criticized as a 100% evil certainly his observation that Addiction to Money was the worst problem that faced mankind is now certain in the minds of all who have studied the Military Industrial Complex.

 As our country, once a shining example to the entire world of the potential for human development, teeters ever closer to the financial abyss and a future for our children that is more likely to resemble a 3rd world country, it is time to get back to the original intended concepts of the Framers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  While the distribution of information for a profit has allowed our telecommunication industry to accumulate unprecedented amounts of wealth, this concentration of the distribution of information has ultimately led to the bankruptcy of our nation.  We could spend many weeks detailing different ways that the control of information has been used as a weapon against the People instead of a tool of liberation by the Corporate Media.  Today, let us focus on the root cause of our current financial crisis.

 Between 2001 and 2004, 3 events played key role in the bankrupting our the United States Treasury:  the attack and destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq.  Without getting into the details of who knew what, and when did they know it, we know for a fact certain that specific members of the Pentagon and Intelligence communities of the United States of America knowingly fed false information to the American Public to get them to agree with a war agenda that was only in the best interests of Military Industrial Complex, and became a disaster for the entire country.

 This plan for destabilizing the Middle East, was constructed by Corporate Leaders,  neo-conservatives and the Project for a New American Century and orchestrated by a cast of characteristics who believe that Israel is not only the 51st state of our union, but also the most important state in our country and history.  Note to Congress and the President:  You cannot serve two Masters!

 We also know that the Pentagon provided special briefings, propaganda sessions to 4500 different Corporate Media journalist to make sure that there military plan of action looked justified, when in Fact of Law, the majority of those involved in these 3 events violated their oaths to not only uphold the Constitution, but to protect the American people.  When you look back just this short little span of time, and realized the degree of deception, the depth of corruption in the system, and more importantly the innocent victims women, children, civilians all across the Middle East, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our system of information distribution is sadly broken.

 It is a sad day of Americans when you see news casters from Russia, the Middle East, and all over Europe pleading with the American public to please wake up so the rest of the world can finally step away from the era of perpetual warfare and into the era of perpetual peace.

 The Founding Fathers of this great Nation believed that Man was destined to create a “New England”.  They believed that knowledge and the free distribution of ideas was the key to creating a fair and equitable society.  Men working together, men sharing their ideas and their ideals would ultimately allow men to know the difference between good and evil.  While we have had the potential for giving every citizen the opportunity to express their views with the advent of communications, or current system has failed society.  If we are to steady our ship before it sinks into a sea of financial debt then we must change how we as a society distribute information.  While the “For profit” model for distribution of education provided the necessary capital to develop this wonderful gift from God:  it is time to free our system of education and global communications from the 1% and put it back in the hands of the People where the Framers originally intended it to be.

In his landmark book, the Human Use of Human Being, Norbert Weiner recognized that communications and the messages produced by a Society were at the Spiritual foundation or Spiritual essence of that society, therefore making the transition for the era of Perpetual warfare to the era of perpetual peace is as simple as who controls the message.  For an entire century, the writing is on the wall, the power of  communications has been in the hands of the Military Industrial Complex.

There have been many occasions during the last century when the Federal Government decided that because the accumulation of wealth and power due to recent technological advancements had become so concentrated in the hands of the few, The 1%, that government intervention was needed to restore the Power to the People as originally intended by the Framers of the Constitution.

The rural electrification program, the breaking up of the monopoly on phone services in the United States with the break up of AT&T, are two prime examples of government intervention that was necessary to make sure that the power of the Industrial Revolution was returned to the people.  In recent years the consolidation in the communications and the cable industry has resulted in all major communications companies coming under the control of 5 different Corporations.  It is clear when you examine the effect of this consolidation on the “American Dream” that it is time to put the power of global communications back in the hands of the people.

In essence, The American Free Speech Act, will put the power of Free Speech bank in the hands of the People as originally intended by the Framers of the Constitution.  Those who have read my legislative proposal in the past know that I believe the biggest problem in Washington, D.C. is that even bill with good intention, like the Affordable Care Act become becomes indistinguishable from the original intention of the bill, after hundreds of lobbyists acting on behave of their Masters instead of in the interest of the People, add their little part to the bill that benefits the Military Industrial Complex instead for the American People.

The goal of the American Free Speech Act is to break the telecommunications industry into a 1000 pieces, and to let a thousand new ideas for rebuilding America Blossom into the fruit that will allow our Nation to rise from the ashes of a fire caused by allowing the power of communications to fall into the hands of the few to the determent of the people.

This program would seek over a 10 years period of time to create a nation wide Fiber Optic Network owned by “The People”.  Like the rural electrification program under the leadership of Dwight D. Eisenhower, this program would establish a Fiber Optic Cable connection for every single household in the United States.  House to House, Community to Community, State to State and under the leadership of the United States from nation to nation as we seek to harness the power of Global Communication to make the transition from the era of perpetual warfare into the era of perpetual peace.

The American Free Speech Act would give free access to education, news and the everyday thoughts of American citizens and a tool for liberating public education from the hands of the Corporate State.  In the past, as Corporations rushed to harness the power of the Industrial Revolution, their rush to take control of the resources and new found wealth often caused them to create systems of distribution that were very profitable in the short term, without clearly thinking the long term interests of the American people.

The distribution of electrical power, the phone wires, and the cable wires that liter our neighborhood skylines are perfect examples.  Some communities have taken the step to put these utilities under ground, but often by burying them in the street.  As we know here in my little neighborhood in Upham Corner, and the one of  the first neighborhoods that decided that it was better to have utilities under ground in the 1930’s, burying utilities in the street while returning the natural beauty to the urban landscape, can add significant costs to both repairing and upgrading the system in the future.

The American Free Speech Act would seek to run Fiber Optic Cable and Electric Power from House to House under ground instead hanging in the air as is currently done.  Since the majority of the work for this project is on the ground, it would allow thousands of Americans to be put immediately to work.  Almost everyone I have ever met is capable of digging a ditch.

The long-term benefits to this program are more than just job creation, and returning the power of communications to the people.  By placing electric utilities under ground, there will be a significant increase in the efficacy of electric distribution since it is generally recognized that due to line volt loss on open-air wires can be as high as 20%.  Secondly because our utilities are under ground, our long term costs after Natural Disasters will be greatly reduced.  Hurricanes, tornados and major snowstorms have little or no effect on electric and cable lines that are buried under the ground.

If the system is designed correctly, then it will also allow ordinary citizens to add energy back into the grid, thereby making small-scale electrical productions by any citizen a reality.  This will greatly reduce Americans dependence on Foreign Oil, and reduce our need for the generation of electric power using fuels that not only degrade our environment but add significant costs to our long term health care budget

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