Reflections on seeing a teacher 35 years later 

As I sat talking with Harvey Cox last week to share with him my vision for my return to Harvard, I suddenly realized I had sat in the same location with him in 1978.  I had read Professor Cox’s book “Turning East” and I had hoped to design a special independent focusing on the healing arts in China. 

I looked at Professor Cox and told him that I blamed him for my Harvard experience because his book had made my undergraduate education into a 20-year experience.  As is frequently the case when talking with a brilliant teacher, it was not until after our meeting that I was able to understand what I had come to tell him. 

As I sat at my desk pondering my destiny in a universe filled with chaos a week before my visit to the Professor, a voice kept telling me to- Look in your Closet, Look in your Closet.  As I opened my closer there sat a Chinese Vase that was the prized possession of my Grandmother Elizabeth May Stedman who thought she was a reincarnated Chinese person from the time she was a teenager.  Now in 1914 this was not a popular idea among her friends and family who were devout Christians. 

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One short Taoist text from 200 BC, “If you learn the Way of Immortality, then although you Die, you shall not Perish” shares remarkable similarities with the Gospel of Jesus.  Since there is a 4000-year history of the study of “Immortality” in Chinese Philosophy and Medicine, I had wondered for years whether the philosophy from the Gospel originated in China?  The Taoist texts state that if you learn The Way of Immortality, then you become like a child again.  So as I unwrapped my Chinese Vase, I knew that what I was going to show my teacher would get his attention.

In 1968 shortly after Israel seized the “Dead Sea Scrolls”, John Allegro, the main translator of the Dead Sea Scroll resigned stating that he had made a discovery that would change the very foundation of the Christian tradition.  Allegro believed that since the word for “Kingdom” and “Mushroom” were from the same root word in Sumerian, that if you closely examined Scripture it was obvious that Jesus was using mushrooms to teach his followers about the joys of Salvation.

So you can imagine the look on Harvey’s face as well when I unwrapped my Vase, and there was a symbol of a red mushroom as described by Allegro with a Red Christian Cross.  I ask my teacher a question, “How is it possible that the tradition that Allegro described in his book The Mushroom and the Cross made it way into Chinese Religion.

At the base of the symbol on the Vase is the Red Cross. We think of the Red Cross as an American tradition, however the first Red Cross Society dedicated to disaster relieve started in China in the late 19th century.  Above the Red Cross, the cross with the blood of Jesus upon it, sits a Lotus Flower, traditionally associated with Heaven in Chinese philosophy.  The Red Cross can also represent the Chinese Character for Man and therefore the symbols represent a metaphor for man connected to heaven.

Man connected to Heaven is the Chinese Character for Revolution, Ko.  Between Heaven and Man lays man’s path to Salvation.  Above the Red Cross is another Lotus Flower spread wide open with the symbol of infinity in the middle of it.  The Lotus Flower can also represents the “Female Gentilia”, and the symbol of “Infinity” represents the twisting motion of the fetus as it makes its transition from the tranquility of its mother womb into the World.

Sitting on top of the blossoming Lotus Flower is Allegro’s Red Mushroom.  John Allegro believed that the “Red Mushroom” was amanita muscaria, and traces the symbolism of the red mushroom during early theological history in the Middle East.  Amanita Mascaria has always been a favorite of the intelligence community and Satanic cults since after taking Amanita a person frequently has no memory of the experience while under the influence of the drug.

Now it is said that John the Baptist was a teetotaler and Jesus was a Partier.  Why would a Christian Symbol contain a Satanic Symbol?  Every spring in ancient Greece scholars gathered in a “Secret Meeting” to celebrate the coming of.  Plato, Socrates, Aristotle all participated in this festival called the “Festival of Alesius” first written about by the great enthobotanist Richard Schulthes from Harvard.

If you revealed any of the secrets discussed during this celebration, then the penalty was death.  What Professor Schulthes discovered was that the Festival of Alesisus was based on drinking a wine made with moldy wheat, moldy purple wheat.  The active ingredient of moldy purple wheat is:

psil•o•cy•bin (ˌsɪl əˈsaɪ bɪn, ˌsaɪ lə-)   a hallucinogenic crystalline solid, C12H17N2O4P, obtained from the mushroom Psilocybe mexicana.   [1955–60; < New Latin Psilocyb(e) genus of mushrooms (< Greek psīló(s) bare + kýbē head) + -in1]

So the reason they used a Satanic Symbol to represents the experience of rebirth in the Spirit is because they understood that to participate in the psychedelic experience, as Jesus instructed us, You had to be ready to Sit at the Table.  Unfortunately the traditions of preparing to sit at the Table were largely lost when the Gnostic Tradition was written out of the Christian experience.  The only safe Way to use psychedelic drugs as a religious experience is in the hands of an experienced teacher who understood the nature of the psychedelic experience and therefore the reason they used the red mushroom as a symbol was to protect this important knowledge that could only be communicated by someone who understood the psychological power of the holy spirit and the holy ghost.

The symbol on the Vase therefore represents how man connects to Heaven through Rebirth.

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