Genocide and the Anti War movement

While we all are familiar with the fate of Jews during WWII during the holocaust, the fate of 40,000,000 Americans poisoned by there own government is but a forgotten legacy.  As early as 1968 Harold Humes aka Doc began noticing that marijuana being transported into the New Jersey area contained poisons.  He delivered samples of this marijuana to local police officials in Princeton, New Jersey and was later arrested for possession. 

 Americans did not learn that their children had been poisoned by their own government until almost a decade later.  Humes work to stop this government program continued in Cambridge, Massachusetts when a group of students from Harvard collected over 100 samples of marijuana from a variety of sources.  A professor in the Chemistry department as Harvard gave us a simple means of determining whether there were any organic chemicals on the marijuana.  They found that 96 of the 100 samples had been poisoned.  Paraquat was only one of many substances deliberately being put on marijuana.  When the student confronted Peter Bourne about this problem in private he admitted that the situation involved more than just the Mexican herb being sprayed with paraquat that was getting all the press.

In a future meeting with an undisclosed source in the FBI, we were told that the military was poisoning marijuana smokers as they blamed them for losing the Vietnam War.  On one occasion we were able to trace the movement of poisoned marijuana into the Boston area.  Marijuana was moving from South America to Houston, Texas (where the toxins most likely where being applied) and then being transported to Massachusetts on LNG Gas tankers controlled by the Peabody family.  There is little doubt that this program resulted in the deaths of more individuals then died during the Holocaust.  For example, if one looks at the demographics of the Breast Cancer Epidemic you will notice that the highest rates of cancer are all centered around areas of the United States that were prominent in the Anti-War movement.   This is not to say that this is the only thing behind the Breast Cancer epidemic, but on the other hand this program resulted in cancers occurring in a large number of individuals and I am sure it involves many different types of cancer.  (Paraquat by the way is also known to cause reproductive problems)

 Despite tainted samples being supplied to scientist at MIT, Harvard and the Massachusetts State police, we were never able to get results on the many different toxins that were being used to poison people.  The Massachusetts State police stating they had lost the samples.  Governor Dukakis eventually signed extradition papers for Humes to be delivered to New Jersey for his original charges of possession despite having all the facts.  Humes never stood trail but was seriously beaten and released from prison without a trail.

 In September of 1979 I wrote a letter to then President Bok of Harvard telling him that his legacy at Harvard would be of a man who stood by while his student population was being poisoned.  The next day in a meeting with Bok and other students, Bok assured me that the program would stop.  The following morning on the headline of the Globe read:  President Carter ends Paraquat spraying program.

 It is never to late to bring to justice those involved in this program or to do the necessary studies to determine who died and why.

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